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    Need a good reason today to make your marriage stronger? Heeeere ya go.

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    Eight signs you’ve found your wife. Careful that #6 doesn’t cloud your judgement on the other 7. And here’s another guide to finding a good wife. Written by a mom to her son thousands of years ago. Still good today.

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    Tell your wife or daughter she’s beautiful from time to time. Or some other guy will.

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    Two great videos for your next marriage class on communications.

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    7 Truths about marriage you won’t hear in church.

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    Wives often make great business partners.

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    12 Things Your Partner Needs To Hear More Often. I ran this list by Mrs. B this morning. She (a) liked it, and (b) though I had most of ’em covered. So there!

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    In Relationships, Be Deliberate – For milestones like moving in together, intent (rather than chronology) determines success.

    Found this bit interesting:

    One of the main findings was about how couples handle relationship milestones, like moving in together. Every relationship goes through milestones, or transitions, that mark how serious the relationship is getting. Going on a first date is one; a first kiss is another. Other milestones might include the “define the relationship” talk—the moment a couple says they are actually a couple—sex, engagement, marriage, and children.

    In the past, these milestones tended to follow a straightforward order that began with courtship, passed the milestones of marriage, cohabitation, and sex, and ended with children. The structure and rigidity of courtship meant that couples had less freedom, but also that each milestone was ritualized with most couples following the same script. Men didn’t just propose to women, for instance; they first attained permission from the father of the bride-to-be. Couples moved through these milestones deliberately, in part due to societal expectations and in part because they knew that each step had life-altering consequences.

    Now marriage comes at the end of whatever sequence people want to follow. About nine in 10 couples have sex before marriage, half of all women cohabit before marriage, and four in 10 babies are born to unwed moms.

    The freedom to choose any relationship sequence has benefits, but it may also come at a cost long-term.

    Not just out of sequence, but few milestones at all. A shame. Like any endeavor, greater effort means sweeter victory. I certainly won’t rob my future sons-in-law of the experience.

    Besides, for a real man, it ain’t that tough.

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