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  • don bosch 11:44 am on 07/30/2015 Permalink
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    Alisha Perkins: We All Fall Down

    As many of you know these last few games for Glen have not been his best. He has made a few bad pitches and unfortunately they happened at the worst possible times. Up until this point in the year he had been perfect,literally 100% perfect in every save opportunity, and of course everyone was loving it. But as we know no one is perfect except the great man above and it was destined that at some point that he would fail just like every other human being on the planet.

    Again, at home we tried to make the best of a bad situation and use it to show our kids that even the best of the best fall. We told them that Daddy would rise above and succeed again, and that the world may demand perfection but sometimes all you have to give is your very best which might not always be impeccable.

    A lesson their daughters will remember long after Dad has hung up his glove.

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    Sports: New Pitt coach Narduzzi learned toughness, love of football from father.

    Related: Rays don blue socks in classy and indisputably awesome tribute to Grant Balfour’s father David.

    More: Father-daughter combination leads South Salem to title

    People always tell me how hard it is to coach your own kid, and a lot of times it is, but she made it all worthwhile just because she worked so hard and she supported what I did and we did it together, and it was just a lot of fun. I can’t wish anything better for her than what happened. I’m happy for all the girls, but it’s a little more special just because my kid got to be a part of it.

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    Cubs legend Ernie Banks’ will and body caught in family feud

    The first battle came when estranged wife Elizabeth Banks went to court to prevent Regina Rice, who cared for Banks in his later years, from having Banks’ remains cremated. Even though the baseball legend once told a reporter that he wanted his ashes scattered at Wrigley, Elizabeth Banks said he was joking. Whether her effort to keep his remains intact while a court sorts that case out isn’t clear, because no one seems to know where the body is. Officials at Graceland Cemetery, just blocks from Wrigley Field, say he wasn’t buried there. The funeral home that handled the Banks memorial says it doesn’t have his body.

    And now, twins Jerry and Joey Banks are getting their turn at bat, challenging Rice over a power of attorney, a health care directive and a will giving everything to her.

    “I find it quite interesting that she did not tell anyone that she had an attorney write up a new will,” Jerry Banks said.

    If it’s possible to dishonor a man after his death, they’ve certainly done that here.

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    HuffPo Sports:  Bill Belichick Kisses Like a Dad.

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    Bleacher Report: The most successful father-son combos in sports history.

    I would have thought Earl and Tiger would have made the list by default.

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    Got a minute? Let’s work out: “According to a lovely new study, a single minute of intense exercise, embedded within an otherwise easy 10-minute workout, can improve fitness and health.”

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    Kobe Bryant, his wife Vanessa, and daughters (via). Bryant recently passed Michael Jordan as the NBA’s 3rd all-time leading scorer.

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    #howtodad: Well done, Toa Mariota.

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    RIP: Sy Berger, father of the modern baseball trading card who designed the famed Topps versions in the 1950s, dead at 91.

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    Sports parents:

    – Video: The father of then-14-year-old Venus Williams’ steps in when an interviewer gets out of hand. Good for him.

    – It’s Father vs. Son As Green Bay Packers Take On Carolina Panthers

    RELATED: Welsh rugby star Ian Gough has been given a formal warning for wearing a Spiderman scrum cap during a match in a protest over “rights for dads”.

    The Welsh international said he wore the cap, with his son’s initials on, to support campaign group New Fathers 4 Justice whose supporters have staged protests dressed as superheroes.

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    What liberals get wrong about football. 

    The NFL must continue to reform its approaches toward player safety and domestic violence, and it is even possible that the safety level cannot be brought within tolerable bounds given advances in weight and speed training and that professional football as we know it will have to die. But the matter more immediately at hand is a broader indictment of a ritual of socialization for American boys that sits uneasily alongside modern tolerant mores. Before we prosecute that American obsession, we ought to try at least to understand it.

    Because boys being boys is sexism. Or something.

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    Amazing ride ends for Derek Jeter’s dad, too:

    The playing career of his famous son, beginning in Little League and continuing for 20 years in The Bronx, is finally over and now Derek’s dad will have that same empty feeling most fathers experience when their sons and daughters are teenagers, or in some cases their early 20’s.

    Related: What Derek Jeter and His Family Can Teach Educators and Parents

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    Leadership 101: The Fireable Offense of Brady Hoke

    Disgusting. Reprehensible. Despicable. Atrocious. Disturbing. None of these adjectives can truly describe just how horrifying it is that Hoke had absolutely no problem reinserting Morris back into this game. None.

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    Raising My Daughter To Be a Sports Fan

    As a sports fan, though, I struggle with how to explain the way to disassociate what happens on the field from what happens off the field. We just learn too much every day about head injuries and the permanent damage it causes (and the league’s refusal to accept responsibility), or about domestic issues in which men we pay to inflict damage on other equally-sized men are also inflicting damage on women and children. In an increasingly smaller world, watching and caring is getting harder and harder to justify to myself and I’m truly happy to have had the practice. I just don’t know if I have the energy or passion to perform these ethical gymnastics. 

    But if you don’t, somebody else will.

    By the way, don’t forget to tell her to not believe everything she sees on T.V. Sports media is complicit in this too. 

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    Fatherhood.org: What’s missing in the Adrian Peterson story.

    Even though this story continues to unfold, I decided to write this piece now because of what’s been absent from coverage of this story — two vital reasons Peterson acted in such a stupid, harmful manner.

    First, Peterson was and still is ill prepared for being a father. Let me be clear. I’m not talking about whether he loves or genuinely cares for his son. I’m also not saying he lacks any knowledge or skill in being a father. What he clearly lacks, however, is an adequate base of knowledge and skills required of a nurturing, loving father, particularly in the area of disciplining a child.

    Second, Peterson lacks even a basic understanding of the difference between discipline and punishment. I’ll unpack this second reason before I return to the first one.

    Dobson is the foremost authority on the latter. Otherwise, I’m not sure anybody is prepared to be a father. I certainly wasn’t. And the Missus wasn’t prepared to be a mom. We simply did our best and prayed a lot.

    And what’s also missing? Few are mentioning this horrible situation.

    The man charged with second-degree murder in the death last year of another one of Peterson’s children is now free on bail.

    Joseph Robert Patterson, who allegedly mortally assaulted the 2-year-old son of the Minnesota Vikings running back in South Dakota, posted a $2 million bond on Friday, said Minnehaha County Sheriff Mike Milstead.

    The victim lived with his mother, who was Patterson’s girlfriend.

    Rough discipline vs “mortal assault”? Not even close.

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    The 101st Tour de France in pictures.

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