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    Mice raised without fathers are more aggressive. “Children raised without a father are at greater risk of deviant behavior later—and girls in particular may be more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol—according to a new study with mice. While many studies have outlined the value of a mother, few have clearly defined the importance of a father. Researchers say this is the first study to link father absenteeism with social attributes and to correlate these with physical changes in the brain.”

    Father’s absence causes early puberty in girls. “Girls in homes without a biological father are more likely to hit puberty at an earlier age, according to a new study. Absence of a biologically related father in the home predicted earlier breast and pubic hair development—but only for girls in higher income households. The findings held even after the girls’ weight was taken into account.”

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    Glenn Reynolds:  Latest space industry feat you haven’t heard about.

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    Are current climate strategies based on pHraud?

    And then there’s this chart

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    Science: How the Napa earthquake affected Bay Area sleepers

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    When men’s health doesn’t count

    When Congress formed the Office on Women’s Health in 1991, its goal was to improve women’s health by directing and coordinating women’s health research, health care services, and health education. Since then men’s health advocates have been trying to create an Office of Men’s Health, with the goal of duplicating the OWH’s success. Yet while a new bill which will help to make the OWH’s funding permanent was just passed by the House, the Men’s Health Act of 2001 (H.R. 632) remains trapped in the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s subcommittee on health. If not rescued soon, the bill will die when the 107th Congress adjourns this fall.

    The State is becoming the husband and father of choice.

    UPDATE: The linked article was early 2014, but the Men’s Health Act bill stalled in committee over 10 years ago. So, maybe it’s time to revive it?

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    News you can use: Cold potatoes could counter the health effects of red meat.

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    “Are you narcissistic?”

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    Is AA out of step with research on addiction? It sure seems to have helped a lot of folks over the years. And the spiritual aspects of addictive behaviors shouldn’t be so easily dismissed.

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    Science: Mystery of China’s Terracotta Army Solved

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    The 13 Most Important Numbers in the Universe. Is “absolute zero” a number?

    UPDATE: From the comments, #14: “don’t forget your wife’s birthday.” 

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    How tests make us smarter. Well, sure. You can learn a lot studying for a test.

    Hey – how about standardized exams for politicians?

    UPDATE: Counterpoint:

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    I know this Mars stuff is important, but they look like Telly Tubbies to me.

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    Science: Fact checking the fact checkers.

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    “He said the tumour is actually an expression of the tension in the relationship between your father.”

    “All of this stuff I recognised. I realised that the whole story about falling in love with this book and writing about this ancestor on my father’s side was an attempt to piece together the connection that had gone when he died as I didn’t really have enough communication with him.

    “The tumour and his work was the same thing.”

    Anna began to “listen to her body” and using positive thinking the tumour disappeared over a two yea period.


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    “Low-T” treatments should be treated with caution. Men have seen benefits from testosterone boosters, but there are other ways of coaxing your T-levels higher.

    I once blew the motor in our Navigator years ago. The thing had over 13 years/170,000 miles on it. It was fully loaded, and I stomped on it unnecessarily going up a long on-ramp. The motor could have easily handled that amount of fuel all at once years earlier. Never did find out what actually gave way – could have been something small like a hose breaking loose rather than a head gasket – but the end result was engine seizure.

    Like menopause, manopause is the body’s way of easing up on the throttle. Get your bod to the shop by all means. But do be thorough on the diagnosis, and don’t expect to get your 20-year old libido back.

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    A vasectomy may increase prostate cancer risk. 

    Related: I joined a VA study last week. Over the next 10 years it will compare how well FOBT stacks up against the scope. Scopes are expensive and a pain in the ass (sorry) for patients. The goal is finding a cost-effective way to catch/treat this very treatable cancer earlier and for more folks.

    Either way, if you’re at risk or over 50, stay on top of both of these. We need a ribbon too, by the way. Brown? Too easy…

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    Levanter clouds in Gibralter, all about potholes, 41 things about man’s best friend, and a strange sink hole in a Siberian gas field.

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    The silent sun.

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