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  • don bosch 7:02 am on 04/06/2015 Permalink
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    Video: The Mother of My Child is Excluding me From being a Father to My Son. “For all the men out there, don’t be a statistic like me.” Get smart on parental alienation syndrome and gatekeeper moms today. Because there are at least one of these Dads in your  church right now.

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    Lawyer Profits in Divorce and Family Court are Maximized by Archaic Custody Laws.

    Future generations will look back on today’s domestic relations courts and be amazed at how truly barbaric they once were. A scheme of laws and processes derived from feudal equity doctrines has been retained which features loving parents engaged in brutal contests over their offspring in a public arena. A winner-take-all battle for custody leads to over-regulation of families by the state and marginalization, alienation or outright extinction of one fit parent from the children’s lives. Anal investigations of the combatants’ backgrounds by self serving advisers incite further controversy to last a lifetime. It is a spectacle reminiscent of the Roman Coliseum.

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    Psychology: Signs of Parental Alienation Syndrome And How to Counteract Its Effects

  • don bosch 9:45 am on 01/26/2015 Permalink
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    Parental Alienation – no point throwing yourself on the grenade!

    Men have been programmed for self-sacrifice since, well forever. They instinctively sleep by the bedroom door, allegedly hard wired to be the first reactor, defender, first victim should something nasty invade the “cave”. They learn from the overwhelming weight of narrative tradition in films and fairy tales that they are supposed to endure trials on behalf of the family, the community and to prove themselves worthy of a partner. And this generation of fathers still has the “muscle memory” of grandfathers who “went away” and sacrificed themselves for the greater good in world wars, allegedly doing so with a quiet, resigned dignity.

    The problem is, it’s a cliché to which we’re now largely desensitized because it’s frankly expected, a given and as a consequence, it garners little sympathy, attention, credit or even support. In fact, it is increasingly used as a weapon against men, especially in court by unscrupulous individuals trying to portray the masculine as “aggressor and risk” and the feminine as “protective and nurturing” when the opposite can just as readily be true.

    Is it, therefore, any surprise that men clad in superhero outfits scaling big monuments to give voice to the injustice of parental alienation, are largely marginalized and ignored because, well, most people expect suffering on behalf of the family to be part of the man’s lot and are intolerant of what is perceived by many as self-pity.

    A good resource is Parents Who Have Successfully Fought Parental Alienation Syndrome by Dr. Jayne A. Major, Ph.D.

    • Linda Turner 6:27 am on 01/28/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Hello just reading the paragraph “It may be wrong but the vast majority of non-resident parents are currently men. Children need their fathers for a whole variety of reason” I must be in the minority as ended up in alienated situation after following all the advice of social workers and the courts. You can read the whole story on https://healingfromestrangement.wordpress.com/anonymous-story-of-parental-alienation/ – Have you signed the petiton that can be found on my web site?


    • honordads 11:39 am on 01/28/2015 Permalink | Reply

      @Linda – thanks for your thoughts. According to Kuhmann (2001), 70% of PAS abusers are mothers. But it’s appropriate to call this “parental alienation” because either parent (or both!) can be the source of it. I hope lots of folks in the UK sign that petition! – HD


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    Recovering the Football: Deion Sanders’ ex-wife jailed, loses rights to see kids

    At the end of the hearing, District Judge Ray Wheless found that Pilar Sanders had violated the visitation schedule that was part of the divorce decree. He found that she failed to return the couple’s children when she was supposed to and took possession of them when she shouldn’t have. He ordered her to be jailed 30 days, but then suspended and probated that sentence for one year. Still, as part of the probation, he ordered her to serve a week in the county lockup.

    Her ex-husband testified that she violated the visitation schedule at least 16 times. In one instance, he testified, she kept the children more than a week longer than the schedule allowed. He said he had to retain an attorney to get them back.

    An officer with the Collin County constable’s office testified that he went to Pilar Sanders’ Celina home three times. The first time no one answered the door. The second time, he said, Pilar Sanders refused to turn over the children, saying the court had no jurisdiction over them.

    Officer Michael Missildine testified he had to return a third time with a court order that allowed officers to use force if necessary to retrieve the children.

    Good for him.

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