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    Headline: Pentagon extends maternity and paternity leave for military families.

    military-father-and-babyDefense Sec. Ashton B. Carter announced a series of initiatives on Thursday designed to make the military a more family-friendly employer, extending maternity leave across the force and expanding access to child care and expensive reproductive technologies.

    “As we introduce today’s reforms, our calculation is quite simple,” Carter told reporters at the Pentagon. “We want our people to be able to balance two of the most solemn commitments they could ever make: a commitment to serve their country and a commitment to start and support a family.

    As part of the new measures, the Pentagon will now provide 12 continuous weeks of paid maternity leave for all uniformed service members. That will be a major jump for many service members, including those in the army, who now receive only 6 weeks of paid leave. It’s likely to be a disappointment to members of the Navy and Marine Corps who, under a change last year, receive 18 weeks of paid maternity leave. Carter said members of those services who are currently pregnant will be granted 18 rather than 12 weeks.

    “Twelve weeks is extremely generous … It puts us in the very top tiers of American employers,” Carter said. “But then, you have to balance that against the readiness costs associated with it.”

    Paternity leave will increase from 10 to 14 days.

    Because fathering is only 1/6th as important.

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    Don’t nigggerise me! A perspective on misandry.

    I don’t think that my mother ever saw my dad as a person; he was only ever a provider and a “handy man” to her and she would often scream at him to “do this” or “fix that.” She used him as a lever to assert her matriarchal dominance over the extended family, and even though I was too young to understand, I sensed that there was something wrong on an emotional level.

    I know that my father didn’t get much support from his side of the family, even though it would have been blatantly obvious to everyone how much my mother tormented him. Eventually he left my mother, and he was seen within my family as the one who broke the marriage rather than my mother, who always portrayed herself as having been wronged.

    At the time, I was told that he had gone off with another woman, and I was to believe that for another 20 years or so, although it was never true. He had actually left penniless, a broken wreck, and went into a mental institution with manic depression. Although he recovered somewhat, he never got off the pills. Later, he married a White woman and her colour was seen within my family as a particular affront to my mother.

    Looking back, and considering my own experiences of my mother in adulthood, I can now see how she must have made my father’s life a living hell. As a child, however, I was brainwashed into hating him without realising it. For example, my mother would relay her fantasies to me about how I would take revenge against my father on her behalf when I was older, including one scenario where I was to slap him across the face in front of an imaginary audience. If you ever try to tell anybody this kind of thing, they think you’re an immoral misfit because you just don’t say things like this about your mother. I carried on hating my father into my forties. To my great shame, my heart was so closed that I may never have known my father or ever got to see what kind of man he really was.

    Read the whole thing.

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    How To Trust a Man – When You’ve Been Conditioned Not To.

    I believed, with the entirety of my being, that all men were liars and cheaters. I knew, with impeccable accuracy, that testosterone units were unable to openly communicate, that they lacked the ability or desire to be intimate and were cowards in their own lives and I double-dared life to prove me wrong. During that time in my life I was spinning wildly as I fought an inner battle of, “he loves me, he loves me not”. I craved a conscious union yet wore a cage of male bashing and love defying beliefs around my heart. In my own special sprinkled-with-sugary-goodness and lots-of-valid-experiences-to-justify-it kind of way, I became the estrogen-based version of what I’d felt so exploited by – funny how that goes, isn’t it?

    She didn’t learn this in a vacuum.

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    JudgyBitch: 5 Ways Society Discriminates Against Men. What’s surprising is how surprised people are when they finally hear it.

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    The MLK Test for feminist blog and twitter posts.

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    Sexist, insulting and stereotypical: The Early Learning Centre (ELC), a UK-based chain of toyshops, courted controversy yesterday by choosing to insult one of its main groups of customers—Dads!

    In a poorly considered attempt at corporate humour, the retailer, which operates around 300 stores in 20 countries, shared a branded meme on Twitter and Facebook suggesting that the only role that dads play in childcare is telling their kids where mum is.

    Fathers across the UK reacted angrily to the suggestion that mums face a long list of demands from their kids (eg “I’m hungry, “I’m cold”, “she hit me”, “can I have?” etc) while the only demand that dads have to deal with is: “where’s Mum?”.

    Tom, a father of two and primary school teacher from Worcestershire, who writes the blog Daddy Daydream, described the meme as: “very, very insulting to all those Dads who look after their families.”

    Insulting your customers is stupid. Especially when….

    According to a survey by Netmums, nine out of ten parents now think that TV dads do not reflect the contribution that fathers make to family life in the real world. Three out of ten went further and said the way dads are portrayed in the media is a “subtle form of discrimination”.

    Fatherists. This sort of #misandry should not go unpunished. And it ain’t subtle.

    Related: Harvard Business Review: Customers Demand and Deserve Respect

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    Peanut Butter Cheerios #HowToDad is Spot-On Portrayal of Fathers:

    The Lowe’s ad is, unfortunately, all too common in its portrayal of a dad as an irresponsible, untrustworthy, incompetent adolescent whose children must be rescued by a responsible, trustworthy, competent mom. What makes this ad and the LG ad so insidious is couching the portrayal of the dads within humor because, these companies reason, the use of humor makes it perfectly fine to reinforce this notion of dads as poor parents, all in the name of selling products to moms. (As I pointed out in the article, this approach is disrespectful of moms as well.) Indeed, when NFI contacted Lowe’s to voice our disapproval of their ad, Lowe’s simply said they were sorry that we took the ad the wrong way, that their portrayal of the dad was all in fun and meant no harm, and that they had no intention of pulling the ad. Interestingly, we didn’t ask them to pull the ad. Perhaps they were a bit defensive given their receipt of a petition signed by NFI and other organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada that called Lowe’s out on the ad. (For details on the petition, see my previous article.)

    At any rate, the #HowToDad campaign turns the tables by showing that dads are competent parents. The campaign transforms Peanut Butter Cheerios into the “Official Cereal of Dadhood.” In doing so, General Mills Canada recognizes that the company doesn’t have to denigrate dads to sell a product. This campaign reflects the growing influence of dads as moms’ partners in raising children in all aspects of domestic life. Dads have taken on a steadily increasing share of the parenting load in recent decades. Dads spend more time than ever with their children generally, grocery and retail shopping for the family, and doing housework (e.g. cooking and cleaning). Dads are also more focused than ever on the desire to balance work and family. Indeed, they’re often more conflicted than moms in this regard.

    In addition to the overall portrayal of fathers, what I really appreciate is how General Mills Canada uses humor to portray fathers in a positive light — a stark rebuke to the use of humor in ads like those of Lowe’s and LG. I also appreciate that the campaign uses social media to share this positive portrayal across multiple channels used by people of all ages. The #HowToDad campaign is a comprehensive web-based campaign that, in addition to the ads, includes static images, infographics, and videos (e.g. of dads doing inspirational activities with their children) that visitors can share across multiple social media platforms.

    I always thought it was stupid to make fun of your customers. Devon Bandison has more here. More here from Amateur Dad.

    There’s a renewed respect for fathering in Canada and Great Britain these days. I hope that begins to take root here.

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    Instapundit: THIS IS WHAT A FEMINIST LOOKS LIKE: The Woman Who Thinks Reducing the Male Population by 90 Percent Will Solve Everything. Plus, “International Castration Day.”

    So Dickensian

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    JudgyBitch: 5 Legal Rights Women Have That Men Don’t. The comment threads on her posts are always interesting.

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    Dr. Helen: How Does Institutional Bias Affect Men?

    There are many examples of institutional bias against men: they often need a note from their wives to get a vasectomy, men get little or no due process in college sexual assault cases and there are even misandrists in the government who tell men they are not as smart as women and that they get little say in the matter because they are “outnumbered.”

    How does this institutional bias affect men? I read some comments from men that suggest that a real man would “shrug this stuff off.” Bullshit. You don’t shrug it off when the government threatens to come after your free speech or your second amendment rights. Why would a man shrug off something this important? Other men perhaps don’t notice what is happening or do notice and feel there is nothing to be done or they can sidestep these problems. But it catches up to you eventually or your son, or brother.

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    Chapin’s Inferno: Is there such a thing as a “rational vandetta?” Good advice on role-playing from him too.

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    Day 20 of 100 Days of Advice on How to Treat Men Right

    We have a lot of posters in our society claiming ‘Don’t be that guy’ based on the idea that a rapist seeing this poster will decide to not rape after seeing…a poster. We all know that is a farce. What these posters actually do is shame men. As if every man sitting next to a drinking woman is thinking about how he just can’t wait to rape her. No. Pure shaming of men and male sexuality.

    Now, women, let’s talk. It’s very important you stay conscious with your sexuality. If you have shame about having sex or expressing yourself sexually, seek guidance and help. You can seek out a therapist, Life Coach, psychologist and also talk with a friend who expresses her sexuality without the need to be inebriated each time.

    If you go to a bar and get so drunk you can’t even stand or you black out- you are abusing yourself and you need help. It’s not healthy to HAVE to get drunk to have sex! Nor is it safe. You are putting yourself as prime target for any criminal and that includes a rapist. No, men aren’t lurking around you waiting to rape you, rapists are. Rapists are criminals that are not limited to one gender. Men are not criminals, criminals are and that is a gender open reality.

    Wow. She’s so right here – there is a wide gulf between “blaming the victim” and being wise enough to know when you’re putting yourself into harms way. Had this same talk with my daughters last night.

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    The women of the men’s rights movement.

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    R.I.P. Idiot Dads – New advert from Cheerios portrays us as totally competent! Certainly a market out there for any company that respects their customers.

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    NHS to fund sperm bank for lesbians: A new generation of fatherless families

    Heterosexual couples will also be able to benefit, but the move – funded by the Department of Health – is largely designed to meet the increasing demand from thousands of women who want to start a family without having a relationship with a man. Critics last night called it a ‘dangerous social experiment’ that could result in hundreds of fatherless ‘designer families’. The former Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali, said last night: ‘It is the welfare of the child that must come first and not the fact that people want a particular kind of baby.’ 

    Bishop Michael, who once chaired the ethics committee of Britain’s fertility watchdog, added: ‘This is social experimentation. It’s one thing for a child not to have a mother or father through tragedy, but it is another to plan children to come into the world without a father.’


    Ms Witjens rejected suggestions that children suffer adverse consequences from lacking a father figure. ‘There is no evidence to suggest that children are better off with or without a father,’ she said.

    Hey, Ms. Witjens – Google much? Makes me wonder how she got along with her dad…

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    One way to end violence against women? Married dads. The data show that #yesallwomen would be safer with fewer boyfriends around their kids.

    The bottom line is this: Married women are notably safer than their unmarried peers, and girls raised in a home with their married father are markedly less likely to be abused or assaulted than children living without their own father.

    Do tell.

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    Prison rape – the hilarious joke about men that isn’t funny. As you’ve done it unto the least of these, brothers…

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    Epic Poetry: 10 Responses to the phrase “Man up.” [caution: language at the link]

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    Day 8 and Day 9 – How to treat men right.

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    Human Rights Update, India Edition: “Trusting the police and judiciary is like expecting the lion not to attack you merely because you are vegetarian.” 

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    Women against feminism generates backlash among students. This would be a great subject to discuss as part of the Men’s Studies curriculum. *Oh, wait….*

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    Erin Pizzey’s powerful talk on radical feminism at the recent men’s issues conference:

    In America – I came to America in the early Seventies, and I could see what was happening: exactly the same thing. The women were scribbling Title-whatever-it-was [editorial note: Title IX. –DE], to get the money to create the Empire, on the backs of very fragile women and children. And this is going on 40 years, it’s going on and it’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And I stood back, then, and I was begging: I was saying to people, “This is a fraudulent movement, listen to what I’m saying!” And nobody would say anything; because for a long time, the media, the courts, the agencies, certainly the universities, were preaching this doctrine which was in essence a feminist-Marxist doctrine that eviscerated men off the scene.

    But the same thing was going to happen; women would be putting their children, one of the demands was 24-hour nurseries; women would become the earners, men would become dispensable. And it sounded so laughable 40 years ago, nobody would believe me! Now I sit here, and I don’t think there’s anybody in this room who doesn’t believe me.

    Read the whole thing.

    UPDATE: More here from Karen Straughan.

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    Fallout from last week’s inaugural International Men’s Issues Conference. Not surprising, but it’s good to see some pushback.

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