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    Reads: The Making of Men, by Dr. Arne Rubinstein. Podcast with the author, discussing boys and rights of passage in Australia, at the link.

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    Sexist, insulting and stereotypical: The Early Learning Centre (ELC), a UK-based chain of toyshops, courted controversy yesterday by choosing to insult one of its main groups of customers—Dads!

    In a poorly considered attempt at corporate humour, the retailer, which operates around 300 stores in 20 countries, shared a branded meme on Twitter and Facebook suggesting that the only role that dads play in childcare is telling their kids where mum is.

    Fathers across the UK reacted angrily to the suggestion that mums face a long list of demands from their kids (eg “I’m hungry, “I’m cold”, “she hit me”, “can I have?” etc) while the only demand that dads have to deal with is: “where’s Mum?”.

    Tom, a father of two and primary school teacher from Worcestershire, who writes the blog Daddy Daydream, described the meme as: “very, very insulting to all those Dads who look after their families.”

    Insulting your customers is stupid. Especially when….

    According to a survey by Netmums, nine out of ten parents now think that TV dads do not reflect the contribution that fathers make to family life in the real world. Three out of ten went further and said the way dads are portrayed in the media is a “subtle form of discrimination”.

    Fatherists. This sort of #misandry should not go unpunished. And it ain’t subtle.

    Related: Harvard Business Review: Customers Demand and Deserve Respect

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    My Journey to a Genesis: Why I Created a Mobile Tool That Helps All Dads With Custody

    It was a day after court when I decided to build something. This something would help me keep better visitation records so if I ever needed them, I had them. The concept was born after seeing that another system cost $100 per year per parent, designed for desktop computers. I needed something that was simple, practical, and mobile-focused. I wanted a system that kept my notes, and auto-communicated certain activities, like a transfer in custody. Most of all, I wanted a system that was free-to-use, and universally available to as many people as possible, while being in the best interest of the child. The system was not to be designed around parents. Even in my own experience, there are many people who are raising children at times that are not mom and dad. I wanted something for everyone, not just me. 

    This is going to help a lot of folks.

    Jon Vaughn’s got a F/B blog too – drop by and say howdy, won’t you?

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    Being a great father is like shaving. No matter how good you shaved today, you have to do it again tomorrow.

    — Reed Markham

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    Happy 13th blogiversary, Dr. Reynolds. And thanks for inspiring so many Davids to follow.

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    Boston father’s group grows.

    According to Mahaffey, the group includes single fathers, some who work from home, others who are new to town and looking to meet people, working dads who want to meet up with other dads and their kids, and full-time stay-at-home dads, who are perhaps the fastest growing subgroup.

    According to the Pew Research Center’s Social and Demographic Research Project, there are more than two million fathers nationwide who do not work outside the home, nearly double the number since 1989. The numbers show that the 2007-2009 recession caused a rise in unemployment, contributing to the number of dads staying home, along with illness or disability.

    Another contributing factor involves the rise of women in higher-paying professions and changes in cultural attitudes toward men staying at home to raise children. In fact, the Pew research showed nearly a quarter of stay-at-home dads say they do so by choice.

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    Taking a Stand: One Christian Dad won’t drink Molson Canadian anymore, violates the 3rd Commandment.

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    Looking up to Jesus prevents…

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    New blogroll link: One Christian Dad. Ryan’s been online for a couple years now – I’m blessed that he found me through twitter.

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