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    A Stepmother’s Journey: Best Public Schools in Florida.

    Stepdaughter’s mom made the decision to change schools before the Christmas break. She did not discuss this decision with D. In fact, she didn’t even tell him she had changed schools until January 7th, after school had restarted. D went to the new school to meet with the teacher and get an edline account (where they post student’s grades), they refused him because his name was not on the registration. They told him they could not discuss anything with him if he was not on the registration. Stepdaughter’s mom listed her own mother under the “other parent” category, effectively denying D his right to information about his own daughter’s schooling. It took a court order for this to finally be corrected somewhat, because she then placed his name under “other contact.”

    It wasn’t long after the move and the changing of schools that D and stepdaughter were staying over at my house. Stepdaughter’s mom had given her and old phone to use while she was at our house, but she had failed to erase the old text messages from this phone. Yes, I looked through stepdaughter’s phone. I still do. I don’t think a child gets any privacy. Especially in the dangerous, unmonitored world of electronic devices. It’s our job to ensure their safety until they are wise enough to know how to protect themselves (some people are never learn, but that’s a story for another day). This phone contained old text messages that stepdaughter’s mom never bothered to delete between mom and a friend. Stepdaughter’s mom was telling her friend how much stepdaughter loves her new school, how it’s a great school. She also said she had told D about the new school and how mad he was that she had changed schools, “I finally told him about the school. hahaha he was so pissed off when he found out!”

    Fast forward almost a year and a half. Stepdaughter was doing well in 3rd grade at her new school, she had friends, loved her teacher and had excellent grades. After the initial rocky start requiring D to get a court order to allow him access to his child’s school information, only a few other issues, like mom repeatedly taking me off the pick-up list, arose. Stepdaughter had been there over a year, and the school staff were beginning to realize that D and I aren’t the horrible people we were made out to be. It is, in fact, a wonderful school, “A” rated in Florida. Since it was very near an upper-middle class area of town, those were the majority of kids who attended this school. In fact, this school recently made this list of the 100 best schools in the entire state of Florida!

    When D filed, and won hid bid in April 2014 to have his child support modified to reflect the fact that he was paying for after school care and insurance as well as having stepdaughter 40% of the time, stepdaughter’s mom became irate. She decided to move away to live with her mother in a town about 45 minutes from our house. Her comment (among many other, unflattering things) on social media was ” Hope they enjoy driving 34 miles 2 C his daughter b/c that’s exactly how far it is from her house where his gf’s house is 2 my Mom’s & as long as it’s 50 miles or less they can’t do anything about it & how far he will have 2 drive 2 pick up our daughter.” Her decision seems more about sticking it to him rather than doing the right thing for stepdaughter.

    Because, you know, custody decisions are all about the best interests of the child.

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    Stay in your kids’ lives. Lives may depend on it.

    Bravo said, “It’s horrible. I love my baby. It’s a tragedy. Foul play was involved. It’s already been confirmed. The message is stay involved with your kids’ lives and check up on your kids. This is a bad thing but there are bad people out there, even bad people who are with a child’s mother. Look at what happened. In two days I lost him.”

    I don’t want to heap more guilt on your head right now if you’re separated from your kid’s mom. But this is a great example of why staying together “for the sake of the kids” is actually true.

    Related: Mum’s Boyfriend – The Worst Sexual Risk to Children.

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    Why is the State Arresting So Many Parents?

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    Custody Wars: Mother cleared of poisoning baby now suing the father

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    Stasi: Robin Williams’ $30M alimony to ex-wives contributed to his death. It certainly didn’t help.

    Related: Dr. Helen: “Of the more than 38,000 suicides in this country, over 30,000 are by men, yet the suicide studies remain small? Why?”


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    JudgyBitch: 5 Legal Rights Women Have That Men Don’t. The comment threads on her posts are always interesting.

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    Civil rights activism update:

    New Fathers 4 Justice want nothing less than a legal presumption of 50/50 contact for a child with their parents if they split up, and the abolition of the deeply controversial, undemocratic secret court system that still exists within the ‘family’ division despite forty years of inequality and protest.

    Such a well-padded protest, though. They’d get more attention to their cause this way.

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    My Journey to a Genesis: Why I Created a Mobile Tool That Helps All Dads With Custody

    It was a day after court when I decided to build something. This something would help me keep better visitation records so if I ever needed them, I had them. The concept was born after seeing that another system cost $100 per year per parent, designed for desktop computers. I needed something that was simple, practical, and mobile-focused. I wanted a system that kept my notes, and auto-communicated certain activities, like a transfer in custody. Most of all, I wanted a system that was free-to-use, and universally available to as many people as possible, while being in the best interest of the child. The system was not to be designed around parents. Even in my own experience, there are many people who are raising children at times that are not mom and dad. I wanted something for everyone, not just me. 

    This is going to help a lot of folks.

    Jon Vaughn’s got a F/B blog too – drop by and say howdy, won’t you?

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    John Edward Gill: My Child is Missing Again

    At ten a. m. Monday morning the phone rang. It was Roberta Berger, one of Estelle’s closest friends.

    “John, I want you to know Margie is fine.”

    “Where is she?”

    “I can’t tell you. But she’s fine.” (More …)

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    The women of the men’s rights movement.

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    Tough love for single dudes considering single moms. Her last thought on the kids was the toughest.

    UPDATE: The counterpoint – Single Dads? Hell Yeah! She’s right about the responsibility piece.

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    Human rights update: Fighting unjust divorce and custody laws in Minnesota

    But here’s the funny thing: Democrats are unanimously against this bill, and Republicans are for it. You know who else is against it?

    Divorce lawyers. Even my own lawyer is against it.

    The Governor vetoed it.

    And it’s not funny.

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    Human rights update: Judge rejects mother’s allegations of sexual abuse against father. “The judge concluded that the father had not abused his children, nor behaved inappropriately around them. He added that preventing the children from seeing their father was ‘damaging’ and he hoped the damage could be repaired.” As noted earlier, nothing can replace time lost with his kids.

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    National Parents Organization: Why Temporary Custody Orders Are a Big Deal.

    even the temporary suspension of parental rights appears likely to so disrupt the parenting relationship as to permanently impair it.

    Read the whole thing.

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