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  • don bosch 6:34 pm on 02/10/2015 Permalink
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    Alcohol redefined as ‘weapon’ in sexual assault cases by prosecutors, military officials.

    Alcohol for years has been seen as a contributing factor in rapes, and it is thought to play a role in nearly half of the almost 6,000 sexual assaults reported across the Defense Department last year. But the role alcohol plays has been succinctly redefined.

    “It’s a weapon,” said Katharina Booth, chief trial deputy and chief of the Boulder District Attorney’s Office sexual assault unit.

    Booth said the change comes from the realization that perpetrators are more likely to use alcohol to subdue their sexual assault victims than guns, threats and fists.

    Alcohol’s ties to sexual assault came into focus again in January with the arrest of Air Force Academy junior cadet Daniel Ryerson. He’s charged in state court with sexually assaulting an inebriated female classmate after a night of party-hopping in Boulder on Nov. 1. Ryerson, 21, who police say is linked to the case by DNA evidence, is due in court this month.

    In a December Pentagon report, the military calls alcohol a weapon in its latest sexual assault prevention guidance for commanders, echoing a statement made by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in May.

    If you have kids in the military or at college, don’t fail to make them aware of this.

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    Dalrock: Earlier this week Bill Frezza rhetorically asked at Forbes why drunk female students are never described as irresponsible jerks. Now he knows.

    More and more universities are treating our sons and daughters like lame-brained, helpless idiots who are incapable of being responsible young adults. Sort of the opposite of the empowerment they were promised.

  • don bosch 8:19 am on 09/17/2014 Permalink
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    Trying to host a men’s group on a college campus today is like trying to host a Christian Bible study at your home in Saudi Arabia.

    For instance, start a women’s group on a college campus and you’re likely to get government funding for it. Start a men’s group on a college campus and you’re likely to be branded a hate groupBut then, these guys are rather subversive – you know, asking for equality and all:

    With these accusations put to rest and AVfM working as a sponsor and strong supporter, KSUM presses onward in its goals for male students on campus.

    One of their objectives is to change the name of the Women’s Resource and Interpersonal Violence Prevention Center. The group wants ‘Women’s Resource’ taken out of the name.

    “They offer services to both men and women at the Interpersonal Violence Prevention Center,” Sage Gerard said. “The problem is that, basically, they have a unisex restroom, but they taped a women’s sign over the unisex sign. So guys don’t even realize that the services are available to men.

    The idea is to have a gender neutral name for that center so that men and women both understand that there’s a place for them.”

    Shameka Wilson, director of the WRIVPC, disagrees with this viewpoint and does not believe such a change is feasible.

    “I do not foresee the name of the WRIVPC changing in the near future,” Wilson said. “Men are more than welcome to take part in events and programs sponsored by the WRIVPC. In addition, the Assistant Dean of Student Success has met with the student officials of the KSU student organization, Kennesaw State University Men, and has informed them that the University is growing and that there may be opportunities in the future to develop a Men’s Resource Center.”

    Until such an entity exists, however, KSUM will continue in its efforts to change the center’s name.

    Secondly, the group wants to see changes to the Gender and Women’s Studies Program at KSU.

    “What we want to do is we want to diversify the literature,” Gerard said. “In essence, there’s coverage for LGBT, black community, and women. But there’s no coverage necessarily for masculinity, at least not in a way that’s really sensitive to the male experience.”

    Stacy Keltner, coordinator of the Gender and Women’s Studies Program, points out the many different areas covered. “If you look at our course offerings, you will see that our program is very diverse,” Keltner said. “We have courses on Masculinity Studies, Black Feminisms, Transnational Feminisms, Queer Theory and Sexuality, and we just passed a course on LGBTQ Identities that will launch next fall.”

    This has been taken into consideration by KSUM, however, and does not satisfy their concerns.

    “I don’t think that the masculinity studies course is approaching men with a good attitude,” Gerard said. “It approaches men with the attitude that they are, in essence, angry, incapable of controlling their emotions, and things of that nature. I don’t think that the masculinity studies course is fully representative of the full male perspective. Again, talking about renaming things, I’d say go ahead and call it Gender Studies. That branding thing doesn’t need to be as centric on one gender.”

    Honoring men by acknowledging and respecting how God made them is a big first step in restoring fatherhood and all the social/economic goodness that goes with it. About time our universities started reflecting this. And good on KSUM for acknowledging it.

  • don bosch 6:55 am on 09/11/2014 Permalink
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    What a father’s involvement has to do with college:

    AEI recently [Apr 2014. ed] held on event on “How dads’ involvement impacts higher education success.” Brad Wilcox, an AEI visiting scholar, presented on his new research, “Dad and the diploma.” Discussion followed from the other panelists –Kay Hymowitz, Patrick Patterson, and Richard Yoder, with Robert Doar moderating. 

    Video and more at the link.

  • don bosch 8:26 am on 08/29/2014 Permalink
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    How Northeastern gamed college rankings.

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