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    To Parents: Keep reading out loud.

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    #BlackDadsMatter: Are Fathers Really Optional & Irrelevant? Author Josh Levs talks black fathering and paternity leave with News One.

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    Why Dutch kids are the happiest in the world.

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    NYT: A Father Strives to Rebuild Ties Strained by Divorce and Alcoholism

    Mr. Sharp, 48, was dressed in a short-sleeved shirt and a dark tie on that October day. He had a soft leather bag over his shoulder and his glasses were tinted purple. He gazed ahead and began to reflect on his life.

    Though as a young boy he dreaded walking home from school in this once crime-ridden neighborhood, he never foresaw himself veering off course, crippled by alcoholism after a divorce and estrangement from his children.

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    You will find that if you really try to be a father, your child will meet you halfway.

    — Robert Brault

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    Mama Lewis: What you don’t know about my husband:

    I am the face of this blog. As such, people often tell me how much they admire my dedication to May.

    What people don’t realize is that my husband deserves much of the credit. My husband is May’s main caregiver. Her bather. Her chef. Her afternoon sleeping companion. She’s watched a full Tour de France. Twice. All because she spends so much time with him.

    “This is the song that proved May has better taste in music than you, Stacie,” is a typical aside in our conversation. And May does genuinely has a more eclectic taste in music than I do. Why? Because she spends so much time listening to it with her daddy.

    He is the one who spots her troubles first and identifies them correctly. He is the one the school turns to when I’m in the hospital. Or, her therapists. Or, her doctors.

    Go read the whole post.

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    First Things: The New Focus on Children’s Rights

    What do donor conception, surrogacy, divorce, and adoption have in common? According to the newly-founded International Children’s Rights Institute (ICRI), they are all practices which violate the rights of children to be born free, to be raised by his or her biological parents wherever possible, and to have a knowledge of the heritage of his or her biological parents. Dubbed “Bonds that Matter” for its focus on these beginning-of-life issues, the ICRI’s inaugural conference gathered scholars, activists, and students from around the country to Simi Valley, California last Friday to discuss the various ways in which these four practices violate children’s rights.

    First to speak was Alana Newman, founder of Anonymous Us and speaker on behalf of the many donor-conceived children and adults who, like herself, believe that their lives have been permanently affected for the worse by having been cut off from at least one biological parent. Beginning with her own personal testimony, Newman recounted the behavioral problems that she experienced after realizing that her biological father was paid for his promise to stay out of her life. Newman pointed out that not only do many donor-conceived adults suffer from feelings of worthlessness, grief, and shame, but all of them have no information about half, or all, of their genetic background.

    Donor conception can create societal problems, explained Newman. For example, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine recommends (note: These numbers are not based on law, the reality could be much worse) a limit of twenty-five children per donor per population of 800,000. If you do the math, this means that within New York City, one person could have 258 offspring, so the son of such a donor could easily have over a hundred sisters in the same area. The result is that people may unknowingly engage in incest and have consanguineous children, the first of which is prohibited in all fifty states and the second of which may produce unhealthy children.

    It happens. Saw an episode of Paternity Court last month where a married couple had to subject themselves to DNA testing to make sure they weren’t related. They weren’t, thankfully.

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    Children: From Stepping on Toes to Stepping on Heart

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    The Third Metric: How A Father Found His Calling In The Wake Of Unimaginable Heartbreak

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    A Young Dad’s Advice for Helping Toddlers Get into Doing Chores.

    If you respect your kids, expect excellence, and lay out clear and fair directions, you’ll find them ready and willing to help out. At least until they’re 15.

    The Missus got a lot of mileage out of this book too.

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