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  • don bosch 4:20 am on 04/14/2016 Permalink
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    Bill that could end permanent alimony in Florida causes division between men’s and women’s groups:

    A controversial bill waiting on Governor Rick Scott’s desk is splitting men’s and women’s groups across Florida.

    A rally was held in Tallahassee, with both sides fighting over whether the state should uphold or end permanent alimony when couples divorce.

    The bill in question would end permanent alimony in most divorces and instead look at the length of a marriage and the husband and wife’s income levels when deciding the amount and length of alimony payments.

    Supporters and opponents are most focused on one part of the bill, however, that says when parents split, they should be given equal custody of children.

    Supporters say fathers deserve equal custody rights.

    Splitting custody 50/50 could end child support in many situations, because fathers would have just as much time with their children as mothers.

    Opponents say small children need their mothers more, and they say women need the financial support to make up for the loss of income in nurturing a child.

    “What did the father do?” said women’s advocate and co-founder of Families Against Court Travesties Adele Guadalupe. “He contributed his sperm. The mother carried the baby for nine months. The mother had the nausea and threw up, probably had to give up her job. The mother had to give birth, the mother has to breastfeed the child. All of the sudden, the mother counts for nothing and the father has a 50-percent right to this child when it’s young? It goes against nature. It goes against justice. It goes against everything we have been brought up to believe.”

    She’s certainly right about that last sentence. Let’s hope that changes. But given the state’s interest in continued support for child support sweat shops, I’m not optimistic.

    UPDATE: Why he veto’d it.

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    A Stepmother’s Journey: Best Public Schools in Florida.

    Stepdaughter’s mom made the decision to change schools before the Christmas break. She did not discuss this decision with D. In fact, she didn’t even tell him she had changed schools until January 7th, after school had restarted. D went to the new school to meet with the teacher and get an edline account (where they post student’s grades), they refused him because his name was not on the registration. They told him they could not discuss anything with him if he was not on the registration. Stepdaughter’s mom listed her own mother under the “other parent” category, effectively denying D his right to information about his own daughter’s schooling. It took a court order for this to finally be corrected somewhat, because she then placed his name under “other contact.”

    It wasn’t long after the move and the changing of schools that D and stepdaughter were staying over at my house. Stepdaughter’s mom had given her and old phone to use while she was at our house, but she had failed to erase the old text messages from this phone. Yes, I looked through stepdaughter’s phone. I still do. I don’t think a child gets any privacy. Especially in the dangerous, unmonitored world of electronic devices. It’s our job to ensure their safety until they are wise enough to know how to protect themselves (some people are never learn, but that’s a story for another day). This phone contained old text messages that stepdaughter’s mom never bothered to delete between mom and a friend. Stepdaughter’s mom was telling her friend how much stepdaughter loves her new school, how it’s a great school. She also said she had told D about the new school and how mad he was that she had changed schools, “I finally told him about the school. hahaha he was so pissed off when he found out!”

    Fast forward almost a year and a half. Stepdaughter was doing well in 3rd grade at her new school, she had friends, loved her teacher and had excellent grades. After the initial rocky start requiring D to get a court order to allow him access to his child’s school information, only a few other issues, like mom repeatedly taking me off the pick-up list, arose. Stepdaughter had been there over a year, and the school staff were beginning to realize that D and I aren’t the horrible people we were made out to be. It is, in fact, a wonderful school, “A” rated in Florida. Since it was very near an upper-middle class area of town, those were the majority of kids who attended this school. In fact, this school recently made this list of the 100 best schools in the entire state of Florida!

    When D filed, and won hid bid in April 2014 to have his child support modified to reflect the fact that he was paying for after school care and insurance as well as having stepdaughter 40% of the time, stepdaughter’s mom became irate. She decided to move away to live with her mother in a town about 45 minutes from our house. Her comment (among many other, unflattering things) on social media was ” Hope they enjoy driving 34 miles 2 C his daughter b/c that’s exactly how far it is from her house where his gf’s house is 2 my Mom’s & as long as it’s 50 miles or less they can’t do anything about it & how far he will have 2 drive 2 pick up our daughter.” Her decision seems more about sticking it to him rather than doing the right thing for stepdaughter.

    Because, you know, custody decisions are all about the best interests of the child.

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    In ruling there was no defacto relationship, Judge Joe Harman nevertheless found the father had provided for the girl through childhood. Now the mother, 56, is likely to be reported by the court for welfare fraud because, not only was she not a single mother, she also claimed to have been employed by the father.

    Judge Harman said there was a saying: “You cannot have the egg and the half-penny too.”

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    Change: What the recession did to American fathers. The post was adapted from Ronald Mincy, Monique Jethwani, and Serena Klempin’s new book Failing Our Fathers.

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    Millionaire actress divorces, woman and child hardest hit

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