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    Bass of the Week: Complicated Precision Bass. It’s a great story.

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    Skilz: Handling fingerboard shifts.

    As bass players we’re constantly playing up and down the fingerboard and changing positions as our bass lines, grooves and solos dictate. One of the most common mistakes I see students make time and time again when making these fingerboard shifts or going for larger jumps on the fingerboard is where their attention is focused at the exact moment of the shift.

    Most of the time players are so consumed with what their fretting hand is doing, that when shifting to a new position they’re still focused solely on their fretting hand – and not where they’re about to shift to. This is exactly what leads to floppy shifts, landing on the wrong finger, and more often that not even landing on the wrong fret!

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    The rise and fall and rise of the ukulele:

    Despite a long history that once included a reputation as an exotic and highbrow instrument, the ukulele has also endured decades of snubbing from both the pop music scene and the more cultured world of classical music. But with the help of trendsetters and tastemakers, it’s making a strong comeback—the National Association of Music Merchants reported a 54 percent jump in ukulele sales in 2013—that can be traced in large part to the instrument’s accessibility, affordability, YouTube popularity, and celebrity esteem.

    Lots of bass players are trying the U-Bass too, as an alternative to a big heavy rig.

    The whole Atlantic piece is interesting, though this – down near the bottom, natch – caught my attention:

    The Great Depression provided another gateway for the ukulele. As sales of pianos, accordions, and other pricey instruments soared, saving and scrimping Americans helped boost the ukulele to peak popularity in the 1930s. Indeed, bluegrass music took off during that period as well, and the ukulele is still strongly associated with the string-band phenomenon.

    Maybe the resurgence of the humble uke was predictable, given our recent economic history…

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    Winter NAMM 2015: MXR Custom Comp Deluxe bass compressor.

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    Bass of the Week – Anthony McDonald’s Headless Custom 

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    F Bass – Handmade Bass Guitars Winter NAMM 2015 BNs (@)

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    How to route your truss rod.

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    Bass of the Week: Steve Arnett 1401.

    This week’s bass guitar of the week shows that getting projects done can do a wonder of good. Bass builder Steve writes:

    I heard one of my mentors, Anthony Wellington, say at a clinic that a player owes it to his/her instrument to know everything he/she can know about one’s instrument. I thought what better way to know “everything” than to build one. I then spoke to my neighbor, a master woodworker, if he might be interested in a joint project. “Ian” agreed so I ordered up a bundle of rough cut lumber from an internet supplier. He and I worked on a Tuesday for four hours together, took a day off, and agreed to meet back on Thursday to carry on. Wednesday night, Ian suffered a massive stroke which has left him paralyzed on his right side and barely able to speak. So…that left me with a choice – abandon the project, or carry on by myself. I chose to carry on and dedicate the build to my pal Ian…

    It’s all about that bass.

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    Bass Gear: 4 Different ways to power your bass

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    Bass of the Week: Dog Tired Guitars Fender Starcaster

    Here’s the story:

    One of the bass players in our church worship band asked me to build this after having seen the guitars I built for our worship leader. Since I’d not done a bass before, she was willing to be the guinea pig for the prototype.

    She wanted a 5 string fretless, and the main points were that it needed to be fairly light and well-balanced. I’ve got a good friend who also happens to be an incredible bassist and devout gear geek, so he helped me with the design.

    We based the body off the Fender Starcaster but made it a full 34″ scale rather than short scale. That meant that I ddidn’thave enough room behind the bridge to do a proper top carve like on the original, so I had to find some other way of breaking up all the real estate on the top. I came up with the idea of elevating the wings and doing recessed control knobs. That helped to add a bit more visual interest without taking away from the spectacular figure in the maple.

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    Bass Riff of the Week – 6 over 4 Feel

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    News you can use: Non-offensive bass guitar picks

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    A long-running joke with the Missus is the only man she would leave me for is a 35-year-old Gérard Depardieu (“I just want to hear him softly repeat my name all day…mmmm”).

    For me, it’s Esperanza. I just so dig the way she dances and croons with a bass. Loved her at the Newport Jazz Festival last year. But there’s a new gal in town. Say hello to Kate Davis!

    I’m all about that bass…

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    Bass of the Week: Dolmen Custom Scimitar 5.

    RELATED: Do you overplay?

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    Guy plays 100 of the greatest bass lines – in a row. Here’s anotherEvery great song has a game-changing bass line.

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    7 Tips and tricks for installing the Victor Wooten retrofit combo, if you have the lofty goal of sounding like him.

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    Bass of the Week: Naked Bass Hitchhiker II. Spicy! Bill Woger does beautiful work.

    Bonus: Hex core vs round core bass strings – which is right for you? I’m happy with Thomastik flat-wounds, but I’m not much of a head-banger.

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    (Photo via The Atlantic)

    Charlie Haden (Aug. 6, 1937 – 2014) – bass player extraordinaire – left us just a few weeks ago, shortly before turning 77. Make time this weekend to browse his classics from The Art of Song (1999) on Youtube.

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    Does your worship music prepare people to die?

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    Wanted to put in a plug for Mono Bass Cases

    A couple years ago I was doing a lot of international travel (including Africa), where bringing my Vette as a carry-on was not an option. Wanted a gig bag, but needed it to be bullet proof. Will admit I choked on the price, but the Mono has definitely been worth the money in terms of peace of mind. 

    The folks at Mono are awesome too. The smaller zipper that wraps around the front pocket split the other day after 2 years of regular use. A quick email (with a pic of the damage and copy of my receipt) was all they needed to ship a new one to me. Told me I could hang on to the old one until it showed up. Even provided a return shipping label. Hard to find that sort of great service anywhere.

    If you’ve been thinking about one of these, buy it already. You won’t be disappointed.

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    Listen: An hour of Buddy Rich, Live at The Hague.

    Ever wonder what a fretless Fender through an Ampeg sounds like in a true big band ensemble? Check out this performance from 1978. Don’t worry, you’ll hear it as clear as a bell as soon as the video starts. As the old saying goes, “Speak softly, and carry a big-ass Ampeg.”

    Tom Warrington’s solid walking bass from start to finish is legendary. Buddy had a succession of great bass players in that decade and the next: Warrington, Dave Carpenter,Jon Burr, the late Wayne Pedzwater (sp), Mike Boone, and the list goes on. No surprise – you don’t get to be a legendary drummer without ’em. 

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    Tai Anderson, Third Day

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    Bass of the Week: Custom Supercharged Thunderbird design.

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    Passive tone controls, explained.

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    Reads: The Worship Bass Book: Bass, Espresso, and the Art of Groove by Norm Stockton. His Grooving for Heaven series on DVD is legendary and, frankly, pretty expensive. Having a lot of this material in book form for $20 is a steal.

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    Reads: Truss Rods Made Easy.

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