A man dressed as a priest has just…

A man dressed as a priest has just invaded the stage at the Rose of Tralee:

O’Connor, a 49-year-old second generation Irishman from County Kerry who lives in Clapham London.

In a statement, Fathers4Justice said O’Connor “held a picture of his son Archie and asked the audience to pray for the 1000s of fathers and children affected by family breakdown in Ireland”.

This is the new Rising – 100,000 Irish children are partitioned from their fathers and denied their human rights.

“The Rose of Tralee has lots of beauty, but there is nothing beautiful about family law.

We want equal rights for fathers in Ireland. It is a human right for children to see their fathers.

“This is a public health warning, your families are at risk from the cancer of family breakdown and fatherlessness.”