Parenting The opportunity cost of technology Back in…

Parenting: The opportunity cost of technology

Back in the spring I attended a lecture by a psychologist who specialized in helping families manage their lives, especially when it came to technology. She had a lot of opinions about the risks and benefits of technology for our children.

One of the worst things about children’s use of technology, in her opinion, is that they are not doing other things with their time with the hours they spend on their phones or on their Xboxes. They are not out in nature, not interacting with friends, not using their imaginations.

In economics, this is called “opportunity cost.” If you invest your money in stock A, the opportunity cost of doing this is the yield you would have gotten from stock B.

In my daily life, I have gradually become aware of the opportunity cost of my lack of organization.

Well, kids also make it tough to get organized.