Father Factor Authority and Responsibility It’s quite difficult…

Father Factor: Authority and Responsibility

It’s quite difficult to get someone to give you authority, and even those who have it believe that they don’t have enough. There’s always a struggle to create more compliance, to garner more instant apparent respect, to get people to jump when you say jump.

But responsibility?

Responsibility is there for the taking. It’s yours if you want it, if you can handle it, if you’re man enough, father enough, human enough to say, “I got this,” without excuses.

As you’ve probably guessed, fatherhood is completely and totally, 100%, about responsibility.

And, if you’re responsible enough, sometimes you get authority.

Nope. Authority is inherent in the position you hold. At least, it used to be the case.

Sadly, fatherhood used to command 100% authority at home. Having lost this, our sons and daughters have no idea what it means to respect authority in their communities, or to expect it from their own children.

He’s right – authority was given. It has been squandered by weak men, undermined by feminism, and over-ruled by government hacks who believe their authority is better than that of a loving father.

Ultimately, the authority of fatherhood is a picture of God’s authority in public life. That’s why the enemy has worked so hard, and so successfully, to extinguish it.