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Mocha Dad: It Still Takes a Village

We’ve all heard the quote, “It takes a village to raise a child.” To me, it’s more than a simple phrase – it’s a way of life. I was raised by a single mother and I probably wouldn’t be the man I am today if not for the village that invested in me.

Extended family, neighbors, teachers, and my mother’s co-workers all contributed to my upbringing in significant ways. Sometimes it was in the form of encouragement. Other times, they disciplined me without a second-thought because they wanted to make sure I grew up with the skills I needed to be a productive member of the community.

Today, it seems as if our villages are disappearing. Whereas, my relatives and neighbors could intervene in my life whenever it was necessary, they couldn’t do so in our current culture. Everyone minds their own business and the notion of communal parenting seems to be old-fashioned.

I used to lament this changing dynamic until I realized I had the power to change it. I decided to follow the example of those who invested in me and invest in this generation of children.

I agree – neighborhoods and family ties aren’t what they used to be. So in a roundabout way he’s making the case that a good father-mother team has never been more essential.

Be involved in the community, by all means. But ultimately I have little control over my neighborhood, much more influence in my own home.